Dedicated to Patient Comfort

Unlike the bleak imaging rooms in some hospital settings, Dr. Ahuja and the Spine and Brain Imaging Center provide a comfortable MRI environment where patients are cared for on a personal, individual level. SBIC gives patients the opportunity to see Dr. Arvind Ahuja, undergo an image test, and receive results all in one location without the inconvenience of having to be passed around from an image center and then to a doctor’s office. Dr. Ahuja and the staff at the Spine and Brain Imaging Center are dedicated to providing patients with hospital quality care and resources at the convenience and comfort of an outpatient facility.  

MRI and MRA Comfort

Patients who are claustrophobic can rest easy as our fully trained nursing staff can administer sedation to help calm nerves. Our nurses and physician’s assistants will monitor you during the scan so you can be sedated and have your MRI in comfort.

In addition, headphones can be provided to patients who want to listen to their own music for additional comfort during scans.

From initial diagnosis to follow-up, SBIC medical staff go to great lengths to ensure your MRI or MRA scan will be as comfortable as possible.

Learn more about the Spine and Brain Imaging Center’s MRI and MRA imaging capabilities.

Nurturing Patient Relationships

Dr. Ahuja and the experienced nurse practitioners will review your complete medical history to find the cause of your pain and layout the best possible path to recovery.

During your appointments, our experienced radiology technologists and physician assistants will help guide you through each test and diagnosis with the goal to help answer any questions you may have.

At the end of the day, you can be assured the health and comfort of you and your loved ones are the main priorities of the SBIC medical staff.

Patient Convenience and Satisfaction

We know the process of scheduling an appointment, having the scan performed, and waiting for results can be stressful. At SBIC, Dr. Ahuja can see new patients during clinic hours and order an MRI or MRA scan scan immediately after the appointment.

In addition, the SBIC medical staff are local board-certified neuroradiologists who specialize in reading scans of the brain and spine so you receive accurate results as quickly as possible – often within 12-24 hours.

If you’re struggling with back pain, neck injuries, headaches or other painful conditions, we have both the advanced technology and a highly specialized, compassionate staff to help you move forward.