CT Services

CT scans, also referred to as CAT scans, show the detail of bone and soft tissue very effectively and thus are an excellent complement to MRIs.

Our CT scans can identify medical conditions including osteoporosis, blood clots, skull fractures and other head trauma injuries. For patients who recently had surgery, we can see the state of recovery or possible problems. CT scans are also useful for examining any hardware that has been implanted in previous surgeries.

As with our MRIs and MRAs, at SBIC our focus with CT scans is on the brain and spine.

Local board certified neuroradiologists examine our CT scan imaging quickly, so you will receive results within a day or two rather than the much longer wait times that are typical at other facilities.

Our team of friendly, knowledgeable and specialized staff and technicians will guide you through the process and assist you with any questions you may have along the way.

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CT Scan

CT Scanning Technology

At the Spine and Brain Imaging Center (SBIC), we offer high quality CT scans. Our CT scanner, a Siemens Emotion with a new CT tube, is a 16-slice scanner that moves quickly along the body.

Our patients are only in the scanner for about five minutes, minimizing exposure to radiation.

SBIC’s CT scanner has both helical and spherical scanning capabilities, creating extremely detailed images that are needed for accurate diagnoses of the delicate areas of the brain and spine.

How long does a CT scan take?

Times may vary as CT scans are tailored to each patient’s needs and the length depends on the type of test being conducted. For most patients, CT scans only need to take about ten minutes from start to finish.


Is there radiation exposure from a CT Scan?

CT scans are a radiation-based scan, and much like conventional X-rays, expose patients to some radiation. CT scan provide valuable information needed to accurately diagnosis your pain and potential conditions, making the exposure to radiation worth the associated risks.